DEM Sports provide bespoke lighting rig to Edgbaston

Bespoke Lighting Rig Edgbaston 3Bespoke Lighting Rig Edgbaston 4Bespoke Lighting Rig Edgbaston 5

DEM Sports were approached by Edgbaston to provide a bespoke lighting rig to utilise propagating lights that were donated to the ground.

The rig was designed and constructed using heavy gauge steel and then galvanised to ensure long product life. An addition of a tow bar enables the ground vehicles to move the rig easily. The lighting bar is adjustable in height so the lights can be lowered closer to the grass for greater effect.

DEM Sports were pleased to offer this bespoke rig to Edgbaston as it clearly shows the capability of our company to fulfil a bespoke requirement from scratch.

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