New Economy Range

Economy Range

DEM Sports have responded to customer requests and introduced the new Economy Range of cricket equipment. This range represents the best value equipment on the market whilst still retaining the build quality DEM Sports have become renowned for.

Mobile Cages, Sight Screens and Dome Covers make up the Economy Range. Each product is customisable to your needs, although we believe we have designed a range that fulfils all your requirements.

The Dome Covers are available in 7.3m (set of 3) and 8.0m (set of 3) and cost £3,225.00 / £3,550.00 respectively.

The Mobile Cages are available in 7.3m and 10.0m and cost £1,050.00 / £1,450.00 respectively.

The Sight Screen is available at 4.0m and costs £975.00

Please on one of the images below for more information.

Economy Thumb  IMG_1668small  Economy Dome Covers 40

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