Free cricket net cage for your school

Olympic Legacy Funding can provide a free cricket net cage for your school!

St. Thomas School - South Clapham ConcertinaI’m as passionate about cricket today as I was when I was playing for England – probably even more so. I call it ‘a game of life’ – as it teaches young people so much about themselves and their relationship with others, as well as providing tremendous fun along the way.

I know only too well the increasing pressures on schools, with an ever changing curriculum squeezing time for sports coaching and how space is always at a premium, especially in central London.
Concertina at Lords 4It’s with all these factors in mind that my company – DEM Sports – created the concertina cricket net cage. Many schools across the country already benefit from the unique design – an 8.0m cage that easily and quickly folds up to 50cms when not in use, thus giving back the playground for other activities. The Concertina is incredibly versatile and can be used to practice ball games in areas where it would not be possible due to space and the environment.

I’m delighted to have been able to facilitate access to Olympic Legacy funding that can provide free Concertina cages for schools in the Tower Hamlets area by Canary Wharf Group PLC who are keen to put something back into the area where they have such a strong presence.

Concertina - Roof of London School bannerThis cage is worth a considerable amount , however it can be provided free of charge to schools within the Canary Wharf and Tower Hamlets/Lambeth area, as it will be paid for through the secured funding we can access via Canary Wharf Group PLC.

The only cost to the school will be the delivery and installation cost of £350.00 +VAT*.  I or one of my team would be delighted to come to your school and explain the cage in more detail.

Please email us at or call 01354 610353.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping more young people to play cricket!

Devon Malcolm

*The final finish is galvanised only, a powder coat finish option is available at extra cost.