Innovations for school cricket equipment

DEM Sports has developed its reputation for supplying cricket equipment to schools because it understands the challenges that schools face to help children develop basic cricket skills. Increasingly teachers and sports coaches find it harder than ever to squeeze sufficient time into the curriculum or, if they do, to find enough space for cricket as playgrounds become used for other sports or get covered with temporary classrooms to cater for increasing numbers of children.

DEM Sports’ range of school cricket equipment is specifically designed to help overcome these challenges and provides valuable education support at the same time. The increasingly popular concertina cricket net cages are perfect for use where space is at a premium and safe to use along with other sports being played in the same area. The unique design, developed by former England fast bowler Devon Malcolm, means they can be easily and quickly folded out for use and then stowed away again in a matter of minutes, secured to a wall or fence, enabling other activities to take place. Additional clever items of school cricket equipment include special mats with target areas that can be rolled out to cushion the bounce of the ball and assist with accurate bowling and batting techniques. There are also numbered discs that can be attached to the netting to encourage children to hit in different directions and then add up their scores, thereby doubling up as a fun maths game.

DEM Sports is proud to supply its concertina cricket net cages and other school cricket equipment to the Chance to Shine charity who have helped over 2 million state school children play cricket since its launch in 2005. It’s a natural fit and one which both parties very much look forward to continuing.