Remebering Nelson Mandela – An Inspiration to Mankind

What an inspiration for mankind. His peace and guidance will be missed not only in South Africa, but all around the world.

I have had the pleasure of meeting this remarkable man on a couple of occasions. Most memorable during the first ever first class cricket match played in Soweto during England`s in 1995/96 tour.

He made a surprise appearance to the game, and singled me out as the ‘destroyer’, in reference to my bowling of 9-57  against his country in 1994 at the Oval.

Another memorable occasion was when my wife and and I was invited to lunch at number 10 Downing Street with the then  prime minister  John Major. This personal meeting with Mr. Mandela was the highlight of my life.

Thank you Madiba for the influence and example you have left to the world. Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

Devon Malcolm

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