DEM Sports in a time of Coronavirus and beyond

Like so many of you out there, we have had a tricky few months.   With the delayed start to the recreational and professional cricket season, and 50% of our staff on furlough, we had adapt our ways of working (our MD, who is anyway a fantastic designer and engineer, became adept at turning out our folding golf cages to meet lots of orders) and to set our sights elsewhere to keep the business ticking over.   This almost certainly won’t be the best year for us in financial terms, but we are starting to build some useful relationships, which should stand us in good stead going forward.

In particular, we’ve started to forge really good links which will help us to expand our business into the USA.   We have it on good authority that baseball and cricket clubs in the US are not well-supplied with good quality practice equipment.   It’s clear that there is a huge market out there for baseball cages, both for backyard and club baseball.   We’re working with the British Baseball Federation on refining the design for our baseball cage; and are aiming to have cages in two clubs within the next couple of weeks for them to try them out and give us feedback.   We’re also in contact with someone in the US who is a major player in Minor League Cricket, and are looking to develop some sort of partnership arrangement with him for getting our cricket cages into clubs in the US.   Part of this will mean setting up and incorporating an American arm of DEM Sports, which we’re doing at the moment.   Exciting times.

With schools in the UK going back around now, we know that they will be looking to make the most of their outdoor space for as long as possible, by using safe, easily-cleanable equipment for a fun educational experience.   We’re designing a prototype MUGA cage – a Multi-Use Games Area cage – which will accommodate cricket, football, netball, tennis and a range of other sports and activities.   The prototype should be available within the next 2 weeks.   If you know any school that would be interested in trying this out, do get in touch.

More exciting news to follow in the next few weeks.


As ever do get in touch with any questions or requests.

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