DEM SPORTS BLOG – April 2020

It’s been an eventful few weeks.   

If anyone tried to access our website last week, you’ll have spotted that we had a few problems.   Our website designer worked tirelessly to get us up and running again, for which we offer our grateful thanks.   Technology is great when it all works smoothly, but oh so frustrating when it doesn’t.

We continue to trade, albeit with a skeleton staff – just one person in the workshop and one part-time in the office to keep things ticking over.   

The market is understandably very different at the moment, with no recreational cricket being played for the foreseeable future.   Thank goodness for our current biggest seller, our Golf Cages, which are flying out of the door as fast as we can make them.   This gorgeous Spring weather is obviously inspiring people to think seriously about the best and most enjoyable way to get their daily dose of exercise.   We offer two designs: one is a top of the range folding cage, which folds down to only 710 mm deep for storage.   The other is a static cage.   Both are 3m x 3m x 3m and you can see details of them on the Products page of our website.      

In hopeful anticipation of some lifting of the tightest of the lockdown restrictions in the not too distant future, and the promise of a summer of decent weather (everything crossed!), there will be a lot of people desperately wanting to get outdoors and start playing sport again.   Why not consider now what your sporting equipment needs might be and see if we can all get ahead of the game.   

As ever do contact us if there is anything we can help you with.   Stay  safe and well.

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