DEM Sports tackle childhood obesity with inner city sports initiative

Participation in sport has many positive effects on children from improving coordination, interaction with others, teamwork, and fitness to developing confidence and supporting mental well-being. As part of ongoing anti-childhood obesity initiatives, the Government recommends 30 minutes of activity per day is required for children in the school setting.

DEM Sports launched an updated Concertina Cricket Net and Multi-Sport Foldaway Net System earlier this year. These unique fold-away, space saving systems have been designed to promote cricket at grassroots level, primarily for use in schools without fields or where space is at a premium.

Equipment such as these nets will enable schools to meet healthy activity standards.They can be used as a safe place for containing any ballgames, sporting practices, coaching sessions or disciplines; including but not limited to cricket, batting, bowling, catching, rounders, football and hockey.  As well as encouraging health and fitness and increasing overall physical activity, this equipment makes games like cricket available to all children, even those who attend inner city schools with tarmac yards or similar areas not ideally suited for practice.  With support from Funding 4 Education, it is possible for schools to lease these products, which makes them an attractive and affordable option, and means that schools do not have to commit a large part of an often-limited budget to one capital purchase.

The 2019 updates were refined in partnership with Gratnells, historically known as the leading name in school storage and creators of the iconic Gratnells tray. The Harlow based manufacturer provided a laser cut, powder coated finish with protective foam pads over the metal posts.

The Concertina net system is either fixed to a wall, post or fence and uniquely folds back to 50cm, extending out to 8, 10 or 12 metres depending on the size that is ordered. The Multi Sport variation measures 10m x 6m and folds back to approximately 82cm for storage against a wall. If required the whole playing area can be enclosed using a sliding front net. Extending the nets for use requires two people but takes only minutes to perform.

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DEM Sports tackle childhood obesity with inner city sports initiative DEM Sports

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