It’s a little bit quiet at DEM Sports now, not unexpectedly as the cricket season is well and truly over for another year, though we are starting to gear up for the 2020 season.    2020 will be an exciting year for cricket with the launch of the new ‘The Hundred’ form of the game, which will yet again raise the profile of cricket in this country.

We’re taking the opportunity to take stock of where we’re going as a business, and what we want our priorities to be for the coming year.We’re convinced that there is a market out there for our products, especially the Concertina and Combi cages, which are ideal for use in small spaces as they fold down when not in use – so perfectly suited for schools or clubs where outdoor playing space is limited.   We have moved part of the DEM Sports business to a new office and are concentrating on the marketing and sales of the Concertina and Combi from there, as well as dealing with an increasing number of requests for bespoke products.   Contact us on 01353-474008.

With the help of Anuj Dal, who plays professionally for Derbyshire County Cricket Club, we are installing an 8 metre Concertina cage in Nottingham Academy, for them to try it out and give us some feedback.   Photos will follow shortly, along with details of more exciting potential new opportunities for us.

We’re taking the opportunity of a quieter spell to build up our stocks for the 2020 season.   This is always a difficult one to second guess – you can have a run on sight screens one year, so manufacture loads of sight screens and then find that no-one needs one!   We try to encourage potential customers to think in advance about what they might need for the next year so we can ensure that you get the product when you need it.   At quieter times, the lead time for most products is around 4 – 5 weeks; but when we start to get busy at the beginning of the season and into the early summer months, lead time inevitably gets longer.   The more notice you can give us the better, so we don’t disappoint.


As ever, please contact us to chat about your needs, whether it be for something smaller like a boundary rope winder, or a full-size cricket net; and whether it’s one of our standard products or you’d like something bespoke.   We’re always happy to hear from you.


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