DEM Sports have two exciting and innovative products which are perfect for any school environment – our newest product, the Multisport Foldaway Cage, and the space-saving Concertina Cage.

The Concertina Cage is a foldaway cricket net, which folds down to a fraction of its size when not in use or for storage; and the Multisport Cage is essentially a bigger version of the Concertina Cage, providing a larger playing space for a wide range of sports.   These are both innovative solutions, which are designed to transform the available space – which may be limited, especially in inner city schools – into a safe practice and playing area.

We have secured an arrangement with Funding 4 Education whereby these cages can be leased by schools for a manageable amount.   As an example, a Concertina Cage can be leased for as little as around £18 per week, and a Multisport Cage for around £23 per week, with the lease taken over a 5-year period.   This can be an attractive option for schools as it doesn’t tie up what is often a limited PE budget; and almost certainly won’t need high level management approval as if often the case with expensive capital purchases.


With the support of Canary Wharf PLC, we have installed 20 cages in schools in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, with universally positive feedback about the ease of use of the equipment, and the enjoyment provided for the children.   Please have a look at a selection of testimonials from some of the beneficiaries of the Canary Wharf initiative.

In addition, have a browse through our DEMSports videos which include a show-round our Multisport and our Concertina cages, and a testimonial video about the Canary Wharf initiative.


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Despite our amazing location right next to The Oval, cricket has not been part of our school’s curriculum for many years.

Most of our boys have an African heritage and cricket has never been part of their culture. In recent years we have also had a lot of boys (until 2015- we were a boys only school) from eastern and southern Europe and again cricket is not a game that has meant anything to them.

Our school is also on a very cramped and crowded site with no playing fields and only a very small playground. All of our outdoor PE has to be done at off- site grounds, often involving a lot of travelling time.

The installation of our new concertina net will enable us to offer cricket to boys and girls (we have just become co-educational) who have never experienced the game before. The net is compact and can be stored very easily in our playground without taking up valuable play space. It can be ready for practice in just a couple of minutes!

Once it is rolled out it provides a great facility for us to start teaching our students about the wonderful game of cricket. We hope to get some Surrey fast bowlers over from across the road to give the students a demonstration of just how exciting the game can be. The school will also be investing in some professional coaching to get the net off to a great start.

I’m sure that there is a massive amount of hidden cricket talent at Archbishop Tenison’s- it just needs a chance to learn the game and the concertina net will hopefully be the start of a lifetime of enjoyment from playing . Who knows we might have a few who one day might cross the road to play at The Oval.

If it wasn’t for help from the Canary Wharf Group we could never have funded this project, so it is a big thank you from all of us here at Archbishop Tenison’s for their very generous help!

Laurence Weeks Bursar- Archbishop Tenison’s School

Cubitt town Junior School was one of the schools lucky enough to receive funding from Canary Wharf PLC to purchase and have concertina cricket nets installed in our playground.

In an area where football is the one game that seems to be easily catered for , we jumped at the chance of giving our children the opportunity to trial another sport. School development assemblies saw children express an interest in cricket. The biggest issues for schools taking on a sport such as cricket, is space. With 390 pupils and one playground this was an issue that we couldn’t seem to find a solution to. The offer of a concertina cricket net seemed to be the perfect answer. Not only did it give children a safe environment to practice in , it also took up minimal space when set up and could be compressed against a wall to allow for other games during PE/playtime.

However, like many schools where finances are tight, we had an issue with cost. Thanks to funding from Canary Wharf PLC and the vision of DEM sports Ltd we were able to make the children’s request become a reality.

The nets have allowed:

  • Enhanced PE provision – allowing teachers to concentrate on particular skills like batting and bowling
  • A safe environment for children to practice these skills without affecting the rest of the playground
  • After school cricket clubs
  • Young Sports Leaders (year 6 pupils) to orchestrate cricket sessions during lunchtime play
  • Opportunities to have fun while playing cricket
  • The chance to learn a new sport

In the future we will be looking at how we could use these nets to support ‘father and child’ sessions – hopefully building up to cricket matches being played amongst the school community.

Robyn Bruce – Headteacher

It is with grateful thanks that I write this testimonial on behalf of all at Mossbourne Academy. 

I would like to thank Canary Wharf PLC for providing the opportunity for the installation of a new cricket net at Mossbourne Academy.  The students of the Academy were enthralled after the initial installation of the cricket net and it is thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We operate the net before the academy day starts, break time and at lunch times.  The net itself is easy to set up, making it versatile, space saving and safe.  The installation of the equipment was quick and efficient. The quality of the cricket net itself is excellent, it is robust and aesthetically pleasing during use and when folded away.  The equipment is unique in space saving and practical in design.Due to the vast numbers of students using the equipment facility, the Academy has purchased a second cricket net (donation of funds through our Parent Teacher Association and support of DEM Sports). 

We now have a designated and bespoke cricket net facility area in a relatively small playground that is safe and maximised in use.  We already have plans to further double the resource and fund raising has already started (4 nets in total). 

The Academy always looks to increase participation levels of activity in the playgrounds and the nets certainly help towards achieving this.Mossbourne Academy can’t thank Canary Wharf PLC and DEM Sports enough for what can only be described as a fantastic opportunity and facility we now have.  The support is invaluable and without it an initiative like this would be very hard to bring to fruition.  This opportunity has now given impetus to a vision for a larger project of participation and cricket within the Academy.I would unreservedly recommend this equipment to other educational establishments and cricket clubs.

Neil Robinson – Assistant Vice Principal


Osmani Primary School had its’ Concertina Cricket Cage delivered and installed in Key Stage 2 Playground. It is easy to use, takes little space when folded back and supports both children’s play time and the structured physical games that are part of our curriculum.

When Spring term comes, our children will enjoy even more use of this cage as they start to play cricket again. They are showing a greater enthusiasm and more inclination to practice; this is encouraged as other children using the playground area are kept safe from any “wild balls”.

This is not something we would have been able to buy for ourselves but having it provided by the generosity of the Canary Wharf Group has opened new avenues of exercise to both tutors and children. We are talking to Head Teachers at other local schools who are also enjoying these concertina cricket cages to see if we can arrange an E1 Primary School Cricket Tournament in the summer term that will encourage the children to further develop their skills and enjoy the wider benefits of sports such as co-ordination, healthier lifestyles and team work.

A very big “THANK YOU” to the sponsors – your gift is much appreciated.”

Runa Begum – School Business Manager

As a brand new school in a very deprived area of Tower Hamlets, we were delighted to receive our cricket net in the autumn term, Our children have limited sporting experiences and opportunities outside school so it is up to us to provide them. The arrival of the cricket net completed the multi-sport and skills experiences we can provide in our new outdoor area.

Cricket skills have been built into the curriculum for the spring and summer terms and the school will be running an after school Cricket Club in the spring.

We feel very fortunate that the cricket net has been externally sponsored as it not something the school could have afforded independently and certainly, with the current squeeze on public sector budgets, it is not something that would have been a priority in the immediate future. You have ensured that our pupils’ horizons remain broad and that they have equal access to a wide range of sporting activities. Thank you.


I am delighted with how the Concertina Cricket Net donated by Canary Wharf Group PLC has helped to transform our playground. The children are passionate about playing cricket but it was always difficult to manage amongst lots of other activities. Thanks to the net, children can safely take part in a range of outdoor bat and ball games both at lunchtime and in after school clubs.

It is not something we would have been able to fund for ourselves so the donation has greatly helped us expand the opportunities for children. It has also helped to create a happy, healthy and active outdoor environment for everyone.

Lorraine Flanagan – Headteacher



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